Associazione Adriatico Mediterraneo

Associazione Adriatico Mediterraneo

Ancona – Italy

Since 2007 the Associazione Adriatico Mediterraneo has been working for a permanent institutional and cultural exchange with other Adriatic and Mediterranean countries, in order to create strong and enduring relationship using differents artistic languages as tools of meeting and exchange of practices and experiences.

The initiative works on two ways: from one side the local dimension, strengthening the relationships among the regional institutions and organizations interested in cultural and artistic projects, and territory initiatives in Adriatic and Mediterranean Sea, promoting knowledge and information actyvities; from the other side the international dimension, in which developing the relationships with other countries of the area mentioned above.

This foresees events with artists and intellectuals to be represented in our Region, and cultural exchanges with artists. The association trust that mobility is the main tool to develop integration and cohesion processes.

Udruzenje Ring Ring

Udruzenje Ring Ring

Belgrade – Serbia

Association Ring Ring has been organizing music and art festivals, workshops, lectures, cultural exchange.

The main festivals are International New Music festival "Ring Ring", World Music festival "Todo Mundo", Festival "Adriatico Mediterraneo", "Umbria Jazz-Balkanic Windows", and music programe of "Danubefest" and of the Belgrade Summer festival BELEF.

In 2010-2012 they have been partners in EU Project "Phonart - Lost Languages of Europe" with partners from Austria, Czech Republic and Croatia.

Association has been active at the international arts conferences in France, Holland, Danmark, Spain, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Macedonia and Serbia.

Day After Ong

Day After Ong

Athens - Greece

DAY AFTER works for the protection and promotion of culture and quality of life.

In 2011, DAY AFTER implemented a project under the “Youth in Action” Programme with the participation of over 40 NGOs, Universities, Foundations from Greece and other 13 countries of the EU and of 28 EU young people who were trained on how to organize to boost their social participation and employment potential.

Since August 2012, DAY AFTER implements a cultural programme focusing on the organization of a classical and modern quality music festival with 80 venues and with more than 400 participating professionals of the music industry. Based on this experience, DAY AFTER organized art venues in the regions of Attiki during summer festivals.

In August 2013, DAY AFTER was assigned from Teatro Pubblico Pugliese the organization of 4 music venues in the Region of Epirus in the framework of the Project ARCHEO.S. (IPA Adriatic Cross-Border Cooperation Programme).

Amadeo-art kabinet d.o.o.

Amadeo-art kabinet d.o.o.

Zagreb – Croatia

For 14 years Amadeo-art kabinet d.o.o. has been involved in theatre and concert organization.

Amadeo Theatre and Music Company was founded as an open-air summer stage in 2000 and, during last 14 seasons, have hosted 712 theatre plays, classical, ethno, jazz and popular music concerts and movie screenings.

One of its aims is to promote and support traditional and ethno music and dance. To that end the organization put much effort in attracting the best Croatian and foreign artists to promote their work in its venue.

Some of the performers that appeared on stage include LADO Ensemble, Cinkusi, Mojmir Novakovic & Kries, Miroslav Tadic and Teofilovic Brothers, among others.

It also supports Croatian and foreign artists who perform ethno and folk music from other countries, such as Mariachi Los Caballeros; Ayllu,ethno music from Andes; Flamenco Festival, dedicated to Flamenco music, etc. Amadeo is also involved in the organization of exhibitions, performances and festivals.