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Robert Santiago

Born in France in 1959, Robert Santiago discovers the music of the Andes in the 70s and practical bansuri from the age of 8 years.

At the same time, self-taught, he started to play was the diatonic accordion on various traditional repertoires and wrote his first compositions for this instrument.

He started to collect accordions, photos, posters, books, in order to realize a traveling exhibition on the instrument, along with conferences and various animations. For almost 30 years, this exhibition has been visited by thousands of people. He founded several groups of buskers where he plays flutes and or percussion (large drum / plate)

It also works with different groups trio, quartet, quintet, as a conductor, accordionist and singer.

Today, Robert lives in the south of France and, while continuing his career as a musician (solo or trio) and historical accordionist (exhibitions and conferences), also he devoted himself to teaching the diatonic accordion in France and also even in the Bahamas, which he has been involved - from 2013 - to rehabilitate the practice of the diatonic accordion in traditional music.

Within Euterpe Project Robert Santiago led a diatonic accordion masterclass on 27th February 2016 at Municipal School of Music Paolo Soprani in Castelfidardo – Italy.