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Paul Goodman

Paul Goodman is an independent musician & composer originally from Dublin, Ireland now based for over ten years on the island of Crete in Greece. He is recognized for his personal sound on various traditional modal instruments such as the Cretan lyra the Turkish saz family of instruments (long necked lutes) but also for his innovative approach to modal composition.

In 2000 Paul began studying with master musician and teacher Ross Daly, founder of the Musical Workshop Labyrinth which. Shortly thereafter he relocated to Crete close by to the Labyrinth and it was in this modal meeting point that he really began to acquire knowledge of the saz instruments and lyra, later expanding his interest to classical makam forms and modal composition. He has since spent years with studies of several modal idioms with world renowned musicians such as Mehmet Erenler (saz), Omer Erdoğdular (Turkish Makam), Ustad Rahim Kushnawaz (Afghan Classical), Ustad Daud Khan Sadozai (Afghan Classical), Habil Aliev (Azerbaijan Mugham Music), Giorgi Petrov (Bulgarian folk music), Giorgos Xylouris (Cretan Laouto & repertoire), Zaharis Spiridakis (Cretan lyra) Ross Daly (saz, lyra, modal theory, composition), Kelly Thoma (lyra & modal theory) & Efren Lopez (modal composition) and has had the honor of also performing with many of these highly respected teachers and friends.

Traditional music is very much alive in Crete and the years of taking part in this very special tradition have given Paul an experience which he regards as essential to creating music, the experience of playing for others.

During the years of this apprenticeship Paul Goodman’s compositions have developed a unique personality. In his performances however, he often knits together traditional and more contemporary compositions. A broad knowledge of many modal musical idioms together with his own multi-national personality have seen him take part in cross-border projects within Greece and elsewhere such as Ireland, France, Serbia, Netherlands etc. He has a vast experience of finding a voice for these ancient instruments in various settings ranging from traditional to more contemporary and from solo performances to taking part in larger ensembles.

Paul’s first album comprising 7 instrumental compositions ”strangely familiar” was independently released in February 2015.

“This album is pure gold, not to be missed” … Avopolis Magazine (Athens).