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  • Orchestrina Adriatica
  • Orchestrina Adriatica

Orchestrina Adriatica

Giovanni Seneca - flamenco guitar and knocker, music and arrangements | Gabriele Pesaresi - bass | Roberto Lucanero - accordion and organ | Antonella Vento - voice | Alen Abdagic (Bosnia) - voice

Music, chants, inspired by different Mediterranean cultures and dialogue among peoples are intertwined in a show that combines new and traditional.

A journey that starts from Italy, touches Spain, North Africa, Greece and comes to the Balkans. Artists show their tradition in an international dimension, revisited with passion and sensitivity the musical heritage drawn from the routes that for centuries have bonded Africa, Europe and the Near East.

This way we go through from the Balkan rhythms to the Italian melodies, from flamenco to the Arab-Andalusian influences, from the Sephardic’s Chant and the Jewish diaspora to the experience of the chant in Sabir, the ancient language of the Mediterranean.

Members of the Orchestrina Adriatica reflect the multifarious roots of cultures that are interwoven, coming to include a vast area from the Mediterranean to the northern Europe: instruments related to different peoples and different cultures, reminiscent sounds buried in the popular memory. Instruments such as Mediterranean guitars (knocker and flamenco), many percussion (riq, darbuka and the frame drums), bass, accordion and organ.

These instruments along with the voices are the protagonists of this aesthetic experience, to accompany the listener on a journey through time and cultures of the sea and its shores