• Dragana Tomić
  • Dragana Tomić

Dragana Tomić

For a decade I have been travelling across the Balkans, learning and performing with the most distinguished traditional artists of the oldest generation and professional world renowned artists of traditional forms such as Svetlana Spajic, Bokan Stankovic, Stefce Stojkovski.

This experience enriched and consolidated my formal training in the High Music School for Traditional Performing and further more my studies at the Faculty of Ethnology and Anthropology.

I am also privileged to be one of the pioneers who have started revitalizing kaval playing in Serbia and the first lady to play it. One of the highlights of my career thus far has been my collaboration with Antony Hegarty and William Basinski on the Robert Wilson’s production “The Life and Death of Marina Abramovic”.

I am an artistic nomad, travelling across the exciting world of different cultures and the centrality of my practice is to be the keeper of my mother’s musical tongue, but I am open to many new experiences.