It was a great experience. Very well organised and carried out by the best possible way.
Everyone was very helpfull and willing to help us with everything. Jacov was an expert and excellent in arranging things.

Cinkusi is the most united, well put and cheerfull band ever!
They helped us in their own unique way to feel like at home, not only musically but during our whole staying in Zagreb...

The rehearsals were easy going with theese guys and fast. We covered the whole repertoire in just 3 days of rehearsals and they responded very well to our traditional songs, like soloists.

Personally, I discovered that Croatian music has a lot in common with my traditional music, and that the Croatian people reminded me a lot my kind, the Greek kind and the Greek ways and habits. The night of the concert was excellent. We had around 500 people watching us in a very nice theatre with great accoustics. We really enjoyed it.

I wish that we could have again the oppurtunity to repeat this great event. Music and tradition brings people closer!
Thank you very much Euterpe Project

- George Pappas, Athens - Greece -

Welcoming, intercultural, relaxed, challenging: some words describing the beautiful experience I had, being part of the EU.T.ER.P.E. project in Zagreb.
The Croatian 7-part band Cinkushi hosted me and three other soloists, involving us in their music and especially also in their band life, which to me felt like being part of a close family.

In a fast tempo, sweating not only because of the hard work, but also as a result of the extreme temperatures that week, we rehearsed a set of around 20 songs in only 2 days!
At first I had to get used a bit to the style of rehearsing. In Holland we tend to receive a schedule with strict times and we only have a drink after work is done.

My Croatian friends, being a lot more southern, started off with a drink or two, nice and relaxed on the terrace and also afterwards of course (and if possible in between ;).
But, when we started playing, they were so good at focussing and working together towards the goal, that in no time we had it all done!

The experience of being part of such a beautiful process, in which intercultural friendships start to grow (even without words), music from far away countries start to mix and a great final show is played, has been a great privilege to me.

To me the evening that showed this atmosphere the best, was the night that we had a fish paprika meal, made by the splendid Serbian cook and tamburica-player Zoran Bugarski Brica accompanied by the beautiful lute music Greek fellow soloist Georgos Pappas and the 8-fold harmony singing of our Croatian Cinkushi friends. It was magical!
The eventual show was crazy, full of musical peaks, the public jumping, screaming, dancing and in the end even singing along, which brought me to tears!
Thank you so much for this wonderful experience! Thank you Cinkushi, George Pappas, Zoran Brica :), Amadeo (Dora, Neno and Jakov!) and EU.T.ER.P.E.!

- Ilse Roskam -

Projects like this are always an exciting experience, you never know what are you getting yourself into. Fortunately, the first host group was Belo platno from Belgrade, a band consisting of excellent musicians who have a lot of love for their music. They have a more traditional aproach and sound, but are not afraid to venture into modern territory. So the morning after Giorgios and Dimitrios from Greece and me arrived, we started to practice for the concert. First it was planned that each one of us plays a few pieces solo with the band (or maybe even without it ), and that was it. You see, traditional instruments like bagpipes and lijerica traditionally are ment to be played either solo or with instruments from the same region, so they are sometimes difficult to incorporate into a music piece that was not created for them. But as we practised, we started to become less of a soloists and more of a band members. At the end, we were members of an expanded Belo platno group, which was an incredible feeling and I think that you could feel and hear that connection during the concert. I have nothing but praise for the members of Belo platno, organizers, technicians, audience at Dom omladine and everybody else that was involved in the project.

Second part of the project was in Zagreb with music group Cinkuši. As I played with Cinkuši before, I knew what I could expect. They use a lot of traditional folklore melodies and parts, but are a more modern sounding group (sometimes they are referred to as croatian Pogues). After the addition of soloists Ilse, Giorgios and Zoran there were 11 of us in the group! Similar thing started to happen as in Belgrade; as we practised, the sound of Cinkuši started to expand, we added new parts to the songs, everything was starting to sound bigger and more powerfull. The concert itself was an amazing experience, and the venue (Scena Amadeo) has never seen such a huge audience in sixteen years of its existence.

The whole project has been a rewarding experience. We are all (bands and the soloists) continuing our friendships and are already planning future colaborations, so the spirit of Euterpe Project is going to continue long after the official part is over.

- Marko First, Zagreb - Croatia -