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Our Mision

EU.T.ER.PE gives opportunities of integration and cohesion in order to promote a stronger cooperation among the cultural operators, encouraging common activities and artistic events. At the same time the project aim to reinforce the empowerment of the cultural sector capabilities to operate trans-nationally, supporting actions enabling cultural and creative players to cooperate internationally and to internationalise their career and activities in the EU.

Prerogative of the project is to raise awareness and spread the knowledge on traditional musical instruments and popular traditions of each partner through master class, workshops, seminars and performing arts. In collaboration with museums, school of music, companies and artisans manufacturers of musical instruments we will implement activities in order to rediscover the cultural roots of each region.

EU.T.ER.PE. chart a course over the history and traditions of Italy, Greece, Serbia and Croatia to find out contaminations or differencies. In rediscovering the cultural roots of each region and mixing them we aim to built a future common European Identity.

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